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Time to heal and create a life you love

Unpack the tools to build a healthier you!

Hi, I'm Natalie

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I think everyone from adolescence to adulthood can benefit from a personalized "Mental Health Tool Kit" and that is what I want to help you create. I'm an experienced clinician, case manager and public speaker. Between 2008-2009, I helped manage an after school anger management program for the Boys and Girl's Club in Banning, CA. During my time there I assisted students with challenging emotions, that allowed them to identify healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. This inspired me to pursue a Masters in Counseling Psychology and help adolescents and their families acquire the tools necessary to cope with life's ups an downs. 


What mental health goals

can we reach together?

One-on-one Counseling

Family  Counseling

Child and Young Adult Counseling

Combat Depression & Anxiety

Company Workshops

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